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Rainbow eating hopper

Hopper fishing still producing fish but as the river drops over the next few days, fishing farther away from the banks will probably be more productive as moss is showing up along the banks.

Black and tan caddis still hatching. The upper river in the evening is producing the better fishing for black caddis.

Light colored streamers are working well as long as they are moving through the water quickly.

Small black nymphs working well along with the standard san juan worm and sow bug patterns.

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  • Dana Knight says:

    We just got back last night from 4 days on the Horn. Water is still high, off color and warm (comfortably wet waded in shorts). Most of the usual holes, runs and riffles are flooded and unproductive. We witnessed and experienced very little action with nymph rigs or streamers. We got all our strikes on hopper-dropper rigs. Strikes occured often enough to keep you engaged but not frequent enough to call it good fishing. I kicked myself when I’d miss a strike beccause I knew it might be a while before another. Even with the suboptimal conditions I wish I was still there!

  • Wallace C says:

    We had a 40+ fish day on streamers last week. There’s a difference in knowing how to fish and knowing how to fish well.

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