5 of the Best Products of 2012

5 of the Best Products of 2012

November 25, 2012 7:30 pm Published by 4 Comments

Trouthunter Fluorocarbon

TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Tippet

Your tippet material is the final link from the angler to the fish or the first, whichever way you look at it and is often the most overlooked, yet probably the most important piece of equipment an angler uses.  In our opinion there is not a finer tippet material on the market right now than Trouthunter Fluorocarbon.  We have used and abused this material in every way throughout the year and it outperformed our expectations in every instance.   Most importantly it has changed the way we fish small nymphs and dry flies.  Its strength and abrasion resistance in the smaller sizes from 4.5X – 6.5x is especially impressive, which lets us fish our tippets one size smaller without compromising strength.  Trouthunter fluorocarbon tippet is available in half sizes as well.  While Trouthunter tippet retails for $22.95 per spools there is almost twice as much material on each spool than those that sell for $14.95.

Orvis Hydros Fly Lines

Orvis Hydros Fly Lines

Made by Scientific Anglers specifically for Orvis, the new Hydros Lines are the best fly lines we have ever fished.  Utilizing their own tapers and wonderline slick coating, Orvis has taken the long lasting Scientific Anglers Mastery fly lines and made them even better.  The hy-float tips and slender welded loops along with a wide variety of tapers and the slickest coating on any fly line made, make the new Orvis lines the right choice for the job.  We have incorporated the use of the standard trout taper and the power taper lines on Bighorn this year to enhance our fishing.  The Power Taper fly line is weighted a half line size heavier that standard lines and has a short front taper which makes it perfect for use on today’s fast action fly rods.  The heavier loaded front taper makes this line perfect for casting and mending indicator nymph rigs as well.  The trout taper line throws tight loops and lays down a dry fly softly with precision like accuracy.  The trout taper is perfect for use on medium-fast to fast action rods.


“Breathe” Sun Mask

Free Fly Face Mask

Free Fly Apparel has taken the “buff” to a whole new level.   Incorporating the use of Bamboo in their face mask material, Free Fly has created a face mask that is more breathable, more comfortable and more odor resistant than any other.  The “Breathe” sun mask comes in a wide variety of solid colors with or without the Bighorn Angler logo.



Translucent Caddis Emerger

Fly Patterns

Each year certain fly patterns emerge as fish catching machines and become staples in our fly boxes.  Three “bugs” come to mind for 2012.

  • The first is the Split Case PMD nymph.  This slender nymph pattern imitates an emerging Pale Morning Nymph ready to ascend to the surface, crawl out of its nymphal  shuck and become an adult.  The bright yellow “split case” covering the thorax of the nymph is a trigger that trout most certainly key into.  After a few years of excellent results, Bighorn Angler head guide David Palmer let us put his Black Caddis Pupa into the fly bins.
  • The Poodle Sniffer(stop in the shop and we’ll tell you the story behind the name)became the go to Black Caddis Pupa for both our customers and guides in 2012.  David’s simple caddis nymph is deadly.
  • Last but not least is the Translucent emerger, an emerging Tan Caddis surface pattern that this year became the most deadly dry fly pattern I have ever seen on the Bighorn.  I can’t explain why this pattern is as effective as it is, but it simply doesn’t get refused!

Simms Freestone Boot

Simms Freestone Boot – Felt

These boots are simply the best boots ever made for the money.  Coming in at $99.95 these boots offer durability, great foot and ankle support and stylish good looks.  The soles are stitched and glued to the boot, the toe and heel are made of rubber to fight abrasion and the boots are made of lightweight materials.  For under $100 there is no excuse to put off buying a new pair of boots!  The Simms Freestone boots are also available with Vibram rubber soles that accept screw in studs for $129.95.


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  • evan barnett says:

    What is the day rate for a drift boat(july 2013)rental for myself- no guide? want to drift from the damn to 3 mile pass every day for four days. thanks evan barnett

  • Sully says:

    That translucent caddis looks amazing! What is the body material?



    • mtangler says:


      Frankly we are not sure what dubbing is used on it, but are certain it is the key to the effectiveness of the pattern. The material comes alive in the water and is irresistible to the trout. Chris Smith is the inventor of the fly and it is distributed by Solitude Fly Co., will do some research and see if I can find out the exact dubbing blend.


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