Winter Is On Its Way

Winter Is On Its Way

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Great fall fishing continues on the Bighorn.  The weather is in for a bit of a turn, but water temps remain fairly warm so expect great fishing the next month or so. The river has cleaned up big time in the past couple weeks as well. Some of our brown trout have started their annual spawn, but not the full on deal like we will see in the next couple of weeks.  We are open all winter long so come on in and check out some of the deals we have! 


Here is what the consistency of grass is in the water, not bad…

Our Psuedocloens are still hanging on for the dry fly folks.  Cloudy, calm days are your best option to find fish up on top.  A handful of Baetis are mixed in as well.  For the sunny days, evening spinner falls have had quite a few fish up on top. Typical small CDC cripple/emerger patterns work fine for most fish (Students, Cripple Thors).  It’s tough to say with the weather change coming what the bugs will do, but typically we should have another couple weeks of good activity.

Subsurface Streamers and Nymphs are getting the majority of attention.  Expect this to be unaffected by cooler weather, just shorter windows of good fishing during the day.  Orange scuds continue to be the bug of the week with micro San Juan Worms (wine, red, 2-tone) as a good followup.  Small Baetis nymphs (JuJu, Wondernymphs) all continue to be top producers in the afternoons.


There are some spectacular looking fish this time of year

This is one of our favorite times of the year for streamer fishing.  There are A LOT of aggressive pre spawn brown trout in the Bighorn and they love streamers.  Have a variety of bugs from whites to blacks, double articulated to micro squirrel zonkers, they all seem to work when these fish are on the chase.  There are a lot of fish starting to stack up in some of the deeper runs so a good sink tip is not a bad idea through some of the main guts of the runs.

We are open for guide trips, boat rentals and shuttles everyday so come on down and take advantage of the quiet season on the Bighorn!


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