Armstrong’s Spring Creek PMD’s

Armstrong’s Spring Creek PMD’s

June 23, 2011 9:20 pm Published by 1 Comment

Armstrong's Brown that ate a Deer Hair Emerger

Armstrong’s spring creek…… on  Yes, and this is why.  I was lucky enough to get on Armstrong’s Spring Creek yesterday to fish the famous Pale Morning Dun Hatch that comes off every June.  Size 14 dry flies brought numerous fish to surface from about 11 -2.  Harrop Short Wing Emergers and Transitional nymphs were the ticket in tandem with tailwater duns and deer hair emergers.

This much needed day of dry fly fishing was just a simple reminder of what anglers will experience in July on the Bighorn River.  The PMD hatch the past two years, especially last year was nothing short of spectacular.  Despite the high water and what will be a longer than usual snowpack this year we fully expect the surface to come alive with this terrific emergence of pale yellow mayflies.  Once the water subsides to around the 8,000 cfs mark I fully expect to see fish eating duns off the surface, with flows  below 6,000 cfs making the fishing that much better.

For those of you taking slightly longer fishing trips this year,I have set up several clients with combination trips between the Bighorn River and the Livingston, Montana area.  Fishing the Bighorn for a few days and then heading 3 hours west to fish the Yellowstone River or the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks is a great to get a taste of the great fishing diversity Montana has to offer. For more info give us a call or shoot us an email.

Below is a pic of a PMD Deer Hair Emerger that I tie.  This pattern is a good one to carry on the Bighorn during the PMD hatch.

PMD Deer Hair Emerger

Hook: 14 – 16 Emerger Hook
Thread:  Lt. Cahill 8/0 Uni
Tail: Amber Z-Lon
Body:  Harrop Pro Dubbing Pale Yellow PMD (Or Substitute)
Underwing:  Harrop Natural Dun CDC
Wing:  Fine Deer Hair

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  • Bill says:

    Excellent fly on Armstrong, Missouri, and Big Horn. Have had great success since started fishing these streams a few years ago

    I use CDC as the wing

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