As Good as it Gets on the Bighorn?

As Good as it Gets on the Bighorn?

September 10, 2015 12:57 am Published by Leave your thoughts
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A dry fly fish blowing up in the snotty water

That’s right, the Bighorn is fishing lights out right now, for the dedicated dry fly fisherman, that is.  Trico Duns are on the water by 6:15 and spinners as early as 8:00, on warmer mornings.  Some runs have literally hundreds of fish rising in them.  3 mile to Bighorn access has been the most consistent as far as activity, but we have had some pretty good pods showing up on the upper 3.  The fish are getting fairly picky, so sizing down your spinners through the heavy part of the spinnerfall has seemed to make a difference.  Also, think outside of the box.  Patterns like Purple Haze, Bloom’s Ants, Midge clusters all work well, and they’re easy to see!  Sometimes running a single bug through the pods makes a world of difference as well…


A few Trico Duns out there in the AM…

Nymphing has picked up as the river has cleaned up considerably in the past month.  Fish are eating anything from Worms to Zebra Midges to Sowbugs.  Popular rigs include double SH Ray (14,18 tan or grey), Worm/Sowbug, Sowbug/Sunk Trico Spinner.  Find the gravel and you will find fish.  Someone said worms are working as well…


Hard to believe that’s a 13″ brown for this little guy!

We have noticed a large amount of baitfish in the Bighorn River right now, which means streamer fishing has been really good some days.  More chases than commiting fish, but it’s still more fun than watching a bobber, right?  Peanut Envys (White), Sparkle Minnows (Sculpin, smoke), JR’s Conehead and Zonkers are all putting fish in the net.

The hopper bite is still so-so.  It’s great in spots, but those spots are very limited.  Not a record setting season, but still interesting enough to keep your attention. Morrish Hopper (tan, pink 8-10), Parachute Hoppers, Rainy’s Hopper (peach, tan 8-10) seem to produce the most consistent action.  Long drifts count, and reach casts help!  Expect fish to eat hoppers into October, or until some deep freezes.


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