Big Horn Fall Dry Fly Fishing

Big Horn Fall Dry Fly Fishing

October 6, 2012 8:25 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Clump of Pseudos I picked up on my finger

The dry fly fishing was simply awesome yesterday.  We were on the upper 3, but heard the whole river fished very well.  The  cold weather has made the bugs explode even more.  Before we even got in the boat we took advantage of numerous fish sucking down trico duns right below the boat ramp.  The tricos fished well until around 10am.

By late morning all hell broke loose and the pseudo emergence poured off in droves.  The first hour of the emergence was the easiest to fish, before the surface of the water became blanketed with bugs.  It didn’t help that by early afternoon the black caddis hatch got really strong and added to the bug soup.  There were plenty of fish up to put your flies over, throughout the entire river.

In between dry fly spots we threw streamers and the fish were definitely on the chase, numerous doubles were had from the boat. Olive and white or olive and black with some flash seemed to work the best.

Pseudos Blanketed The Water

Another Nice Bow That Ate a CDC Trico

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