Big Horn River Dry Fly Fishing

Big Horn River Dry Fly Fishing

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Rods rigged and ready for anything

There have been some excellent dry fly opportunities out there the past few days with a smorgasbord of bugs present.  Over the past two days we have taken fish on top with black caddis, yellow sallies, pmd’s, bwo’s and midges.  The bwo spinners have been especially effective at taking the most technical fish on the river.  There is also just a ton of dead biomass in the film so a griffith’s gnat or buzzball have been good options.  Each pod of rising fish has to be assessed differently; if you see tail and dorsal fins only they are most likely taking spinners or emergers. If you see their snout and mouth on the surface, the fish are most likely eating pmd duns or sallies.

The best pmd and yellow sally hatches have been in isolated areas and the durations have not been that long, but they have been intense emergences when they do happen.  Two days ago around 2pm along the red cliffs huge size 14 pmds came off for about 45 minutes and the fish got on the duns right away and it was great while it lasted.  If you do not see obvious pmd or yellow sally adults on the water yet fish are rising steadily go to something small and in the film.  Either a generic cluster pattern or bwo spinner or emerger should cover your bases most of the time.

Nymphing the past few days has been stupid good.  PMD and sally nymphs along with pink sowbugs have done the job.

BWO picture taken yesterday. The fish are still all over them.

Big Juicy PMD Dun


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