Big horn River March Fishing Report

Big horn River March Fishing Report

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Mike Hooked up on the Lower River

Mike Hooked up on the Lower River

We have had great weather this week along with some great fishing.  Water temp’s are in the lower 40’s now and the river is fishing well from top to bottom.  As usual the upper river is seeing the most pressure.  The has been some floating moss issues to contend with when fishing the lower river.

The nymph fishing has still been the most productive.  A sowbug on top and midge larva or pupa underneath has been the ticket.  Cream, red and black midges have been the best.  With water in the lower 40’s, inside bends, runs and slower riffles have been the ticket.

Best Bighorn Nymph Patterns

Killerbugs, firebead soft hackle rays, ray charles and pink scuds have all worked well as top flies

juju midges, black beauty emergers, black zebras, red stretch tube midges, yong midges and jailbird midges have all been great bottom flies.

The midge emergence have been the best on the upper river.  Look for noses in the slack water just off the main current and on the flats.  While the midge hatches have not been very heavy as of yet, cluster imitations are still a great fly to have up front.  Trail a cluster imitation with a low riding midge emerger, or hang a midge larva off the back to target the fish feeding on larva whose progress to the surface was impeded by the surface film.

Best Bighorn Dry Fly Patterns

Griffith’s Gnat, Hi Vis Zelon Midge, Twilight midge, Student’s Emerger, Parachute Adams and smokejumper midges will likely be eaten by surface feeding fish.

Don’t forget about streamer fishing this time of year, it can be very good.  Olive streamers have been the most effective recently.  One of our new streamer patterns, Idylwilde’s Lil Kim streamer has been deadly this this year.

Best Bighorn Streamer Patterns

Lil Kim, Circus Peanut, Sparkle Minnow, Black Buggers, Olive Buggers, Bighorn Specials

Adam With a Nice Bighorn Brown

Adam With a Nice Bighorn Brown


Ginny With a Nice Rainbow


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