Big Horn River Trout Fishing

Big Horn River Trout Fishing

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The dry fly fishing remains good throughout the river.  We have seen an increase in floating grass and weeds over the past few days with a few bumps in water releases.  While it can be an annoyance at times it certainly didn’t detract from our fishing yesterday.

Here it is tricos in the mornings from top to bottom, trout really keying in on the spinners in certain areas and not others.  Once you find the pod, you will find a bunch of fish eating them.  Black caddis are dominant on the upper 3 throughout the whole day.  Tan caddis is the bug of choice from 3 mile to bighorn access.

Nymphing has been really good throughout the river.  Midges and trico nymphs in the morning, with caddis pupa imitations in the afternoon.  Sowbugs will pick up a few fish as well.

Must have Bighorn River Bugs:

Tricos:  Size 22 quill nymph, cdc thorax trico, cdc spinner, hi vis spinner

Black Caddis: Palmer’s Poodle Sniffer, Olive P Tails, Green Wire P Tails, Bubbleback Caddis, CDC Caddis, Leftover caddis

Tan Caddis: Sparkle Pupa, Emergent Pupa, Spent Partridge, X Caddis, X2 Caddis, Transclucent Pupa

Eric “The Tender” Wilcox in all of his glory


Tan caddis pupa from a stomach sample

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