Big horn Spring Fishing Report

Big horn Spring Fishing Report

March 25, 2013 12:58 pm Published by 2 Comments
John with a nice bow

John with a nice bow

The weather the past few days has felt more like the dead of winter rather than the beginning of spring. Despite the uncomfortable temperatures the fish have been up on top feeding in abundance.  Single midges and midge clusters have been the ticket. The old K-I-S-S principle applies here, a well presented sz 22 parachute adams will get it done on most fish. Twilight midges, dill’s student, hi vis zelon midge and the smokejumper are all working.

The nymph fishing with a sowbug on top and midge or bwo nymph below has been the ticket for nymph fishing.  The pink killerbug, firebead rays, zebra midges, palmer’s root beer midge, black beauty and black beauty emerger are all good midge pupa/larva options.  Juju baetis, wondernymphs, quill, and killermays are all good baetis nymph imitations.

The snow didn't stop John or the fish

The snow didn’t stop John or the fish

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