Big Water on the Bighorn

Big Water on the Bighorn

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Great high water fishing on the Bighorn continues.  Flows stable at just around 13,000 and rumors of a slight increase this week.  The crowds are way lighter than normal right now as many ‘Do-it-yourself’ anglers are staying away from the high flows.  Guide trips are out daily and anglers are coming back with smiles on their faces’.


Concentrate on softer seams and edges with these higher flows.

The Streamer fishing has been very strong.  Plenty of Minnows still flushing through the system are keeping fish on the prowl for protein.  Dead drifting minnow type patterns (Zonkers, superflash Zonkers, small rabbit strip stuff) has all been good.  Pretty much anything flashy, white or grey will work great.  

Bryen w Pro 4x with w Bow

BA guide Bryen Venema with a standard chunky Bighorn ‘bow.

The worm bite is still getting stronger as water temps climb, specifically below 3 mile.  Wire worms, small 2 Tone chenille worms in a variety of sizes are all working well.  We are contending with a bit of algae in the river right now, which is a bit earlier for this time of year.  Keep your bugs clean and you will be into fish.  There are a lot of fish moving into mid river shelves and old islands as well, so don’t overlook these features.  On the upper river, Sowbugs are a bit more important and any Ray Charles or Softhackle patterns in larger sizes (12-16) are getting the job done. 

Bighorn Lake Scenic

Fishing on the lake has been really good still and you can’t beat the views!

Still plenty of high snow to come down.  Upper level snowpacks are over 230% as of today, so don’t expect the water to go down for sometime.  We’re not trying to scare you away, but just being realistic.  Luckily the Bighorn is a resilient river and fishes well at any level every day of the year!

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