Bighorn Angler Product Review: Orvis Sling Pack

Bighorn Angler Product Review: Orvis Sling Pack

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Orvis Sling Pack

If you are looking for a comfortable alternative to a vest or a more functional alternative to a waist pack, check out the Orvis Sling Pack.

It comes in two variations, the original Safe Passage model and new this year, the Guide model.

My favorite is the Safe Passage model. It is slim, light, very little bulk yet carries quite a bit of equipment.

When it is behind you, it is barely noticeable. The strap is very comfortable and because of how slim it is, it is never in the way casting or playing fish. It doesn’t have things hanging all over it to catch line and nothing mesh, which always seems to attract hooks. It is a very clean, simple and functional design.

As a guide, I like the Safe Passage version because I only need to carry a box or two, some tippet and a few tools. Everything else can stay in the boat bag.

If you are more of a gearhead or spend more time wading smaller streams, the Guide version is great because Orvis added a few features that make it a great pack also. It as the same comfort and slimness but is a slightly larger pack to carry more boxes of flies.

It also has an external tippet carrier for easy access to tippet. There is a small, external foam fly patch for quick fly changes.There is also a pouch to carry a water bottle. Even though it is a little larger, it still stays out of your way while fishing and has nothing on it to catch line or hooks.

One thing I really like about these packs is the sternum strap. To me it’s more of a waist strap. It anchors the pack securely and adjusts to be very comfortable. You can slide the sling around to the front without undoing the sternum strap. This is a big deal to me because I can tuck a long handle net in and never have to take it out to get into the sling. Everything just swings around and then swings back.

The pack sits up high enough that if you wade a little deeper, you don’t get everything wet. I’ve dunked my fly boxes many times with a waist pack. The other nice thing about it sitting up a little higher is when nature calls, it’s already out of the way. You don’t have to take anything off and set it down. That may not seem like a deal breaker, but when you are on the water 120 days a year with clients, I don’t like nature breaks to take up much time.

The Safe Passage model comes in three colors: Digi-camo, Cloudburst blue, or purple-pink (Magenta?) for women. The Guide model comes only in Digi-camo.

You can’t go wrong with either model. It just depends on how many fly boxes you like to carry on the stream. Right now, you also get a free fly box when you order one.

Orvis Sling Pack

Orvis Sling Pack

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