Bighorn Hatches Getting Stronger

Bighorn Hatches Getting Stronger

August 1, 2013 5:58 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
bighorn pmd

The brown ate a pmd nymph

The emergences continue to build daily on the Bighorn. BWO’s, PMD’s, Sallies and now BLACK CADDIS are all present.  The Black Caddis began to show a few days ago and will continue to get stronger as we move through August. Wow August already.  BWO’s will be the most consistent hatch daily on the upper 13 miles, with pmd’s and sallies being found in the best number the first 4 miles above Bighorn all the way down to Mallard’s.  The water is still cold down around Bighorn, about 52 degrees so the bugs are emerging late afternoon.  Irrigation returns are decreasing the clarity of the water below Bighorn, but it is still very fishable.

Anglers fishing terrestrials are getting it done daily with beetle, ants and hoppers.  Anglers fishing dropper nymph are increasing their catch rates.

Nymphing is awesome anywhere you go. Pink is still a really good color. Ray Charles, killerbugs or soft hackle sows.  Midges, bwo nymphs, pmd nymphs and now black caddis pupa also taking fish underneath.

The weather has been cooler than normal for this time of year(lower 80’s rather than 90’s) and more clouds so the streamer bite has been pretty good also.

bighorn rainbow

DP showing off a nice bow

Fishing dries in a side channel

Fishing dries in a side channel



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