Bighorn Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

Bighorn Memorial Weekend Fishing Report

May 29, 2017 7:27 pm Published by 2 Comments

It’s a busy weekend on the Bighorn.  Not record setting, but plenty of anglers taking advantage of the great weather and great fishing.  It’s still cranking along at 14,000 cfs and there is a bit of salad in the water to deal with, but all in all, it’s been fishing pretty well.

JJ with Gurg Eater  (1)

Captain Jinishian with a good topwater fish

A to B is still the choice of most fisherman.  Below Bighorn access the water is a bit unsettled and moss has been an issue.  Nymphing continues to rule the majority of the river.  The worm fishing is getting to be the name of the game lately.  Wire worms, chenille worms, big, small, it’s all working.  Sowbugs and scuds are still working, but we’ve certainly seen fish stuffed with lots of worms.  Our standard rig right now is at least 9′ from indicator to split shot.  A couple 3/0, or 1 2/0 and 1 3/0 are a good bet for weight.  A log of putty is also a good option and won’t hang up quite as much.  Keep your bugs clean and you will catch fish all day.  Don’t slack and get all that salad off!

The Shiners are still pumping through the dam and the upper mile or so of the river has fish keyed on them.  Cloudy days are better for stripping.  Sunnier days you will have to dead drift/drag deep for fish.  Small zonker type patterns in grey or white have been key.  Drop a big worm or your favorite Sowbug behind them for some bonus fish.  


Carp off the Marina docks? Yep, there are some fun things going on right now

The upper drainage (Wind River) snowpack is over 400% so don’t be surprised if we have another push of water.  The good news is the water temps are climbing and the fish are spreading out into a ton of spots.  Don’t overlook the mid river shelves right now and skinny tailouts.

Have a safe Memorial Weekend out there and please remember those of the past who served our Country!

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