Bighorn River Blue Winged Olives

Bighorn River Blue Winged Olives

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The Blue Winged Olive(baetis) hatch continues to be a strong everyday despite the bright and hot weather conditions.  The duns have been emerging later in the day around 2 or 3 pm.  However yesterday especially there was an incredible number of spinners on the water and trout started keying in on them around 11 am.

My client and I fished a hi vis para spinner with an low riding cdc emerger and had great success until the adults began to show themselves.

Prior to finding rising fish we caught several nice browns nymphing the riffles with a variety of baetis nymphs.  The riffles are the best areas to nymph right now with the high concentrations of aquatic grass floating in the water column.  You should be smacking your weeds off after every drift.

Best Bighorn River Blue Winged Olive Fly Patterns

Nymphs:  Killer Mayfly, Wondernymph, P-Tail, Black Quill, Skinny Bill

Dry Flies:  Tailwater Dun, Thorax Dun, Sipper Emerger, CDC Sparkle Dun, Biot body Para Spinner

Bighorn River Blue Winged Olives

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