Bighorn River Condition Update

Bighorn River Condition Update

September 11, 2018 5:28 pm Published by 1 Comment
Frank bank

Frank keeping a lookout for risers

I wish we could provide some better news on the state of the Bighorn right now, but it’s not looking too bright for the rest of the month.  The water is getting dirtier, the grass is very abundant and water temps are still in the mid 60’s providing for some VERY challenging fishing.  Our guides are getting people into fish, but don’t come with high expectations!

The Tricos are looking to be on the way out and the window of dry fly fishing in the morning is very short.  The upper 3 remains the most consistent for bug activity, and with that the majority of angling pressure.  These fish have been very educated, so small patterns and small tippet are must haves. 

Nymphing is still the way to go and has been decent, some mornings.  Once you are in the afternoon hours, the whole river really gets tough. Worms, Sowbugs and Orange scuds have been the best producers.  Concentrate on the center trenches of the river where the grass isn’t and you will find fish.  Heavier weight and longer leaders are becoming the norm. 

A few fish are looking up for hoppers, but not with any consistency.  The good news is that they have been better sized fish and if you are willing to stick it out, you should be rewarded. 

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  • Dean Ransom says:

    I just spend 4 days fishing with your guides (Sept 4-7). Caught a few good sized fish. I can attest to how tough the conditions are BUT I can also attest to skill, diligence, and expertise of your guides. All of the ones I was with (Chris S., Jim W., Luke E.) BUSTED their hump to put me on fish, and I appreciate their work ethic. Never been a numbers guy, simply appreciate the opportunity I don’t have here in Texas. This was my third year in a row at BA, and my fourth overall. What is somewhat disturbing: this is the first year I caught SUCKERS (n=6), and big ones. Where are they coming from?
    Thanks for a great week.

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