Bighorn River Dry Fly Fishing!

Bighorn River Dry Fly Fishing!

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bighorn river

Evening Float on the Bighorn

It may not get any better than this!  Tricos in the morning, black caddis, tan caddis and Pseudo’s in the afternoon.  The biggest surprise of this week were the PMD’s and Yellow Sallies hatching in September the first mile below the Afterbay.  The dry fly fishing is epic and the nymph fisherman are having just as much success underneath.

Tricos:  The spinners have been big this year anywhere from 16-20. The duns are hatching at dusk in the evenings and into the early morning hours. Spinner falls are happening from 8 am to 11am.  Paraspinners, CDC Thorax Duns, Biot Spinners are all getting it done.

Black Caddis:  Heavy hatches of black caddis on the upper 3 throughout the whole day. As one angler told me today he caught fish on tricos, black caddis and tan caddis all out of the same pod. Not to mention there are quite a few pmd spinners still on the surface.  Back to the black caddis…………..Our custom p tails, and the poodle sniffer have been the best black caddis pupa imitations for nymphing.  In the emerging state YFG’s caddis emerger, lafontaine sparkle pupa and bubbleback caddis have been the best.  On top you can’t go wrong with a CDC Caddis, hemingway caddis or leftover caddis.

Tan Caddis:  Most prevalent from 3 mile down to the St. Xavier bridge.  These things are big, 14’s and 16’s with tan and brown bodies.  Best nymphs have been the YFG Caddis Emerger, hare’s ears, lafontaine deep sparkle pupa. Best emerging caddis have been the translucent pupa, lafontaine sparkle pupa and the partridge caddis emerger.  Best adults have been X Caddis, DoubleDuck Caddis, Yuba Emerger and Spent Partridge Caddis.

Pseudo’s: The pseudo hatch or mini BWO have been coming off in isolated areas, but when you find them the emergence is dense. Parachute adams in 20 and 22, CDC Sparkle Duns in 20 and 22 and cdc biot thorax duns in 20 and 22 have been the ticket.

bighorn brown trout

Ashley With a Nice Brown Ready For Release


Palmer on the Sticks, Pete hooked up


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