Bighorn River Fishing Report Midges, Midges and More Midges

Bighorn River Fishing Report Midges, Midges and More Midges

March 25, 2012 3:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s March. That means midge fishing on the Bighorn River and the fish are eating midges like fat kids eat cake!

Midges have been hatching in the morning from about 9 am to noon-ish and again later in the day.  Later in the day look for clusters especially the final few hours before dark. Many anglers leave the water too soon this time a year.  Calm days have been bringing up pods of fish throughout the river.  When the breeze kicks up look for fish to continue feeding in seams and along high banks that block the wind.

While the fish are eating dries on the surface very well, they are gorging sub-surface even harder. A variety of larva and pupa are working, running the whole midge color spectrum. Cream, olive, brown, black are all present.

A few baetis are coming off in the afternoon and bring fish up along with the midges.

Pay attention to the midges on the water and the body language of the fish. If you see midges skittering and fish slashing, put on something akin to a Griffith’s Gnat. If fish are rising steadily in rhythm in the same spot, try single midge or emerging midge style fly patterns.


It's all about the midge

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