Bighorn River Fishing Report Worms!

Bighorn River Fishing Report Worms!

June 3, 2011 2:17 pm Published by

The flow yesterday was 13,000 cfs and today it is up to 14,000 cfs.   These high flows will continue to flush the river system and create high concentrations of food for the rivers trout.

Stomach samples as of late are showing sowbugs, worms and leeches in the fishes stomachs.  Stick to these core food groups for the most success.

Leaders up to 12′ in length are necessary now in some areas of the river, along with 3/0 split shot to get your bugs down.

The Bighorn Area is expecting it’s warmest air temp’s of the year this weekend so look for the snow melt to ramp up as well in the next few days and flows to possibly adjust accordingly.

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