Bighorn River Fishing Update

Bighorn River Fishing Update

May 17, 2011 9:25 am Published by 1 Comment

Big Bow Big Streamer

The flows on the Bighorn have now jumped to 7,500 cfs, look for more bumps as the weather warms and the inflows into the lake rise.
The nymph fishing continues to be very good with pink and grey sowbugs along with a variety of midge larva.  Both fish pictured were caught by Jeff H. from Ohio and they ate a large articulated black streamer in the bright sun.  The trout in the Bighorn especially the bigger ones are true predators.  Sometimes it pays off to fish outside the box!

Look for the dry fly fishing to diminish as flows continue to increase. Right now being out there very early or very late is your best shot at finding heads.

Big Brown Big Streamer

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1 Comment

  • jeff hochadel says:

    If you dont mind fewer fish but definitely BIGGER fish streamer fishing is the way to go. I believe I promptly lost 2 of those streamers within the next half hour…….I was then put in the back of the boat left to bobber fish!

    Jeff H.
    Salem OH

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