Bighorn River Flood Event

Bighorn River Flood Event

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Soap Creek Downstream

It was an eerie picture yesterday on the Bighorn to see all the access points void of trailers.  The pas 3 days of rain has created an incredible hydrological event throughout the area. Flash floods in all the tributaries to the river resulted in water across areas roads in many areas and interstate 90 had to close in Hardin due to flooding.  The department of transportation is concerned about other down river bridges failing as well.  The crow reservation has declared a state of emergency. The pictures shown are of Soap Creek from yesterday morning, normally a very small creek maybe 10 feet wide where shown.

With all this being said once the rain shuts off, within 24 hours the upper 3 should be fishable.  Mountain pocket about 7 miles down from the dam will be next to clear and then soap creek about 10 miles down will be the last to clear.

This just came from Dan Jewell at the Montana Area Office:
Yellowtail Stakeholders & Interested Parties  – Significant tributary inflows to the Bighorn River above the confluence with the Little Bighorn have resulted in extremely high stages in the Bighorn River.  In an effort to provide some relief to local landowners, releases from Yellowtail to the Bighorn River will be reduced to approximately 6500 cfs within the next hour or two.  We will try to hold this release for the next 24 to 48 hours so the tributaries have an opportunity to recede, after which time we will have to ramp our releases back up.
We appreciate your patience and understanding during these events, and will continue to keep you all apprised of any changes between now and Monday.

Soap Creek Upstream

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