Bighorn River Flows Down for a Bit

Bighorn River Flows Down for a Bit

May 27, 2018 2:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The river is now stable a bit over 6k CFS.  The fish have adapted to the change quickly and the river is fishing awesome.  The latest word from the Bureau is river flows coming back up into the 8-10K range by early June.   It also seems the moss drift has slowed a bit, although it is still around, especially below 3 Mile.  Bottom line – If you can get over here in the next week or so, do it!

We have found A LOT of fish migrating up to the faster shelves providing for some excellent sight fishing and shallow water nymphing.  Sowbugs are still the main diet, although a fair amount of Midges and Baetis are still around especially late morning to afternoon.  Carpet bugs, Pink Crushes, Softhackle Rays, Eddie Vedders, Firebeads are your best options right now.

sowbug cup

Can’t go wrong with any of these bugs right now

Dry fly fishing has been hit and miss, and again the theme of this Spring, the cloudy-calm days are your best chance for the most shots at surface feeding fish.  The BWO’s have tapered off a bit, although there are enough around to capture the trout’s interest. 

Our Shiner migration has slowed a bit, although the fish are still keyed on white style streamers on the upper river.  Olive and black are the best colors down below 3 Mile.  Expect some of the best streamer fishing of the year to come in June as water temps get into the mid 50’s.

The Bighorn River rainbows are in full spawn right now, so please be conscious of that.  We have witnessed several parties of anglers this past week  posting up on these areas for a good while.  There are plenty of other fish to catch in the river right now, you just have to put a little more thought and creativity into your angling approach.  It’s not that hard!  


Have a safe Memorial weekend out there!!

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