Bighorn River Fly Fishing Report: Times They are a Changin………

Bighorn River Fly Fishing Report: Times They are a Changin………

July 11, 2012 6:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
Bighorn River Fish Food

Bighorn River Fish Food

The heat wave has continued on the Bighorn and the water continues to gradually warm and reach the 50 degree mark. Baetis are still lingering and fish in the upper three miles are keying in on them, PMD, yellow sally and tan caddis nymphs are the main course farther down.  With the water temps warming we are finally starting to see a few PMD duns on the water, and we are optimistic that fishable numbers will show up any day.

The water is finally warm enough down lower for annelids (worms) to start showing themselves so the worm fishing is worth trying too.

Some dry fly action still happening late in the day on baetis duns and spinners. Hopper  fishing has been good for most and really good for others.  Ants and beetles are working  well and taking opportunistically feeding trout regularly.

Best Bighorn River Flies:  Juju PMD, Quill Nymph, Wondernymph, Pink and grey sowbugs, micro worms, Rusty Spinners, PMD Tailwater Dun, Bloom’s Flying Ant, Morrish Hopper White Cloud Hopper, Solitude Foam Hopper………


Mae, Rhonda & Guide Tyler Steele ready for action!




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