Bighorn River May Fishing

Bighorn River May Fishing

May 20, 2011 6:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Two days of non-stop rain on the  Bighorn…….The access road to 3 mile is flooded, mountain pocket creek is puking mud just below the “colorado club” about 7 miles down river from the dam and the river is going up to 8,500 cfs tomorrow and most likely higher in the very near future.   With all that being said the river nymphed pretty well the past two days.  Finding the softer water and getting down to them is key to catching any fish at all.  There are still a few good wade spots and certain areas of the river are definitely holding more fish than others. There are even a few spots out there with fish rising to baetis in the afternoons.

Once the rain stops look for it to take 2 days for the feeder creeks to clear up, other than soap creek.

Effective Patterns:  Grey ray both standard and soft hackle, pink soft hackle sow bug, red larva, black larva, firebead sowbugs

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