Bighorn River Mid- July Fishing Report

Bighorn River Mid- July Fishing Report

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The river has leveled off at 7,000 cfs and as of now there are no plans to either raise or lower the river in the immediate future.  At this flow once again wade fishing opportunity starts to become limited.  The good news is that the river is fishing very well.  This most recent bump has flushed almost all of the algae down river.  The first 10 miles of the river below Afterbay Dam are now moss/algae free.

The nymph fishing has been stellar with worms, sowbugs, caddis pupa and midge larvae.  The wire worm, atomic worm, soft hackle ray charles in grey, soft hackle killerbug, black zebra midge and the poodle sniffer have all been taking fish routinely.

With the warmer than normal water temperatures, the Black Caddis hatch has started and has been consistent in the evening on the upper 3. Cdc caddis, bubbleback emerger, palmered caddis and hemingway caddis have all been good.  Fishing a size 14 0r 16 hi vis ant is a great point fly when fishing this emergence. The trout will frequently taking the ant also. Quite a few fish last night were chasing pupa to the surface. Trailing a soft hackle pupa behind an adult also works very well. Expect to see this hatch build.

I floated Afterbay to Mallard’s yesterday and saw very few PMD’s or Yellow Sallies.  With water flows being what they are this year, who knows what these emergences will bring to the Bighorn if anything this year.  The river below Bighorn Access looks like pea soup – the water is green and there is A LOT  floating moss.

Streamer fishing continues to be really good from top to bottom. Olive, white and black streamers all had their moment in the sun yesterday. The morning and the evening continues to produce the best bite, but midday can still be productive when you find the right pattern.  Streamers with a slender profile worked best for us.  Squiddly, lil kim, t and a bunkers, peanut envy’s and meat whistle’s have been getting it done.  Sinking leaders or sink tip lines are good to have.


George with a nice bow that was sipping black caddis emergers in the slack water

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