Bighorn River Pale Morning Dun Fishing

Bighorn River Pale Morning Dun Fishing

July 1, 2012 11:49 am Published by 2 Comments

Pete and I snuck out of the shop yesterday afternoon to check out the 3 mile to Bighorn section, and confirm the reports we have been getting from our guides out there.  First and foremost the aquatic grass and floating weeds were not a factor at all in our fishing yesterday.  They are present but not at all in the abundance that they were 2 or 3 weeks ago.  We caught fish on dry flies, nymphs and streamers with no problem.

The fishing with PMD nymphs down there is gangbusters right now when you are fishing the right spots.  With the low flows, the drop offs, riffles and seams that are congregating the food are fairly obvious right now.  These fish need only a foot of water to feed comfortably, so don’t overlook any nook or riffle out there right now.  The key is to change your rig and set up accordingly based on the water you are fishing.  We fished everything from dry – dropper rigs to deep nymph rigs with light shot and short leash nymph rigs, where the distance between the indicator and weight was only 3 feet.  Each rig worked depending on what water we were fishing.

There are a ton of dead bugs on the water right now and the fish were particularly keyed in on baetis spinners.  Besides the spinners hoppers and flying ants took fish on the surface.

Stomach sample from the 3 rivers area of both natural PMD nymphs and there imitations

Pete Hooked Up

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  • Craig Kincaid says:

    Your website is AWESOME! My friend and I have been traveling from NC to Ft Smith for the last twenty years. Have fished out of every shop in town and in recent years out of the Trout Shop with Hale and Steve.

    We will be returning in August and are anxious to see what you are doing to the Bighorn Angler! A LOT of tradition in your shop – used to be the BEST. Hope you can bring it back to life!!!! Best of luck.


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