Bighorn River September Fly Fishing

Bighorn River September Fly Fishing

September 20, 2012 4:45 pm Published by 1 Comment

Brown Coming to the Net That Ate a Black Caddis

We continue to inch closer and closer to October, yet our weather remains in the upper 70’s and low 80’s during the day.  The consistent weather has kept the daily emergences and dry fly fishing going strong.  Tan Caddis, Black Caddis and Tricos continue to dominate the surface action.  There is also a small size 18 yellow mayfly coming off, presumably a cousin to the Pale Morning Dun and yellow sallies still coming off on the upper 3.  When you see fish eating on the surface don’t forget about using a rusty spinner.

Nymph fishing continues to be dominated by caddis pupa.  Ray Charles or Bighorn Angler Killerbugs in tan or grey have also been working well.  Small black bugs such as black quills and zebra midges have been working really well, especially on the upper river.

While it still feels like summer outside, the autumn equinox is upon us, which means one thing streamer fishing.  Some guides and anglers have already broken out their streamer rods and sinking lines, look for the streamer bite to get even better over the next few months.

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Scott and Glen From Aspen With a Double

Glenn With a Healthy Brown

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  • Vic eltora says:

    Thank you Steve and Pete, I had a great time this year fishing with you all and my guide Jeff Jennings was the best I’ve had in the past 6 years i’ve been coming. I will see you all again next year, keep up the good work.


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