Bighorn River Spring Flows on the Drop

Bighorn River Spring Flows on the Drop

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Flows are on the way down on the Bighorn.  Potential flooding from the Yellowstone’s major flows combined with our somewhat high flows pose a threat to our neighbors downstream.  The fish have settled in nicely to their 8K flows, but might be stirred up a bit after the drop to around 6K tomorrow. 

Alex Cast Late light

The rainbow spawn is in full swing so please be mindful and not anchor up or wade on the redds.  

Streamer fishing continues to get better and better as a lot of fish have moved up into the faster banks and top parts of runs.  Some days we are seeing good pushes of minnows through the dam and other days, not so much.  White is the color on the upper river, while olive or black is the best down towards Bighorn access.  

Sowbug patterns are still the goods underneath the indicator.  We’re running 9′ from indicator to lead and a fair amount of weight.  It’s not a bad idea to lighten up in the wade spots and shorten your rigs.

Cloudy days are still providing the best dry fly activity.  Piles of midges and heavy Baetis emergences are making their appearance when the sky is dark and wind is down.   If you can’t be here on one of these days, try late evening.  It’s almost as good.

Baetis Covered Hands

The infamous Spring Bighorn Baetis hatch

Top Flies this week:

Nymphs: Pink Crush, Pete’s Carpet bug (14-16), SH Ray (tan, grey 16), Firebead Rays (16-18 tan), Wondernymphs, Slim Shady, rootbeer midges.

Streamers: White Zonkers, Pearl Necklace, Lil’ Kim, Grinch, Krystal Buggers

Dries: CDC Dill’s Dun, Griffith’s Gnat, Smokejumpers, Para Adams, CDC Sparkle Duns.

Expect way more wade options to open up this next week with flows dropping as fish settle back in to their normal groove. 

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