Bighorn River Tricos Back in Force!

Bighorn River Tricos Back in Force!

August 27, 2017 5:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s been good on the Bighorn as of late.  The Tricos have come back strong and with stabilized flows around 3300 the fish are back on their normal feeding schedule.  Crowds aren’t too bad, relative to this time of year, as the entire river is fishing well and people are spread out. There have been some huge fish showing up as well!

Brown collage

Congrats to Kerry and Nate Plagmann for getting their guys into some pigs!

Get out early for Trico Duns around 6:30 or so.  The big spinnerfall starts anywhere from 8:30-9.  We are seeing a couple different sizes of spinners out there.  Even some tiny 24’s, so come prepared!  Typical Trico patterns (CDC paraspinners, CDC Biot Spinners, Double wings) are all working just fine.  Psuedos are making an appearance early afternoon and the Black Caddis are back on in the evening. It’s a good time to be on the Bighorn!!

The nymph bite has been pretty solid on the entire river. Worms down low and Sowbugs up top.  It’s not a bad idea to run a sunk Trico spinner behind your lead fly in the morning. The small stuff is starting to work pretty well (Zebras, Tung Teaser, Black Pheasant Tails) as a back bug behind the lead sowbug or worm.  Look for the faster runs with gravel and they will be there.

bringing it in

The river is definitely a little off as far as clarity and the large amount of grass, but it hasn’t kept the fish from gorging.  Expect the current conditions of the river to stay the same until some major weather event happens.  

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