Caddis – Bighorn River Hatch Information

Caddis – Bighorn River Hatch Information

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Bighorn River Caddis Hatch Information

Caddis are one of those easily recognized hatches and are found on almost every trout river in the country.  Black Caddis are far more dominant than tan caddis on the Bighorn River.  Caddis go through complete metamorphosis; larva, pupa and adult stages.  Patterns for each stage should be carried by anglers on the Bighorn.

Tan Caddis


Tan Caddis hatch from May – July and progressively work their way up river.  Tan Caddis are fairly large by Bighorn standards in the size 12 -16 range




Black Caddis


Black Caddis are one of the most consistent hatches on the Bighorn.  Look for emergence to occur in the afternoon and evenings, but fish can key in on these bugs all day.  Black Caddis are prominent from the end of July through September.  The Black Caddis range in size from 16 -20.  The insects become less abundant and smaller in size and the hatch goes on.
Bighorn River Fishing Tip: Fishing a caddis pupa off the back of a dry can be very effective for both black and tan caddis.

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