Dropping Flows on the Bighorn

Dropping Flows on the Bighorn

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It’s finally that time in this long stretch of endless high water.  Flows are starting to drop and are right at 12,000 cfs.  Expect at least a daily, or every other day, drop from here on out.  Wade fishing is just around the corner!  June is somewhat of a quiet month on the Bighorn although it looks like people are starting to realize high water is going to impact the other state freestones and might be heading here for clearer/cleaner water.  

worm eater

Another victim of the Wire Worm


The famous Bighorn algae has been an issue as the water has been dropping.  Keeping your bugs clean is a must to keep fish coming to the net.  The upper 3 is a bit cleaner, although by the Aquarium or so you will start to notice some salad.  3-B has been our go to stretch as the worm bite remains strong, but contending with the vegetation is a bit tougher.  Look for this to hopefully decrease as we move later in the month.  

Fly pattern wise, everything is pretty much the same.  Wire worms, San Juans, Atomic worms, Big Sowbugs – SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 14-16), Firebead Sowbugs (tan, grey 14-16), Carpet bugs and Cotton Candys.  

The streamer fishing is still going but not like it was.  Smaller baitfish patterns like zonkers, squirrel leeches and JR’s Coneheads are still the goods. Some days the slow drag with a twitch is key and somedays they like it stripped fast.  

bryen canyon

One of the best times to fish the Bighorn Lake is now!

Carp fishing has been very good on the lake lately, despite the brown plug coming through.  Smaller ant and beetle type patterns as well as smaller cicada patterns have been getting the job done.  This is a great alternative to the river for those hot afternoons we have coming up.  

Even though the river is on the drop, there’s still a ton of water in the system, so still use caution while floating and at the boat ramps!


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