Dry Fly July on the Bighorn

Dry Fly July on the Bighorn

July 8, 2017 3:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The July heat is here and looks like it’s here to stay.  Fishing late and early in the day is key right now.  Water temps remain higher than normal for this time of year, but the fish are looking good!  

Tricos are here, believe it or not, and it sure is early this year.  It’s not full blown yet, but expect it to get better every week.  There are plenty of fish up early in the AM in the entire river.  Because the river is still fairly high, the fish are not eating them everywhere.  IF the river ever drops, expect it to get really really good.  Standard Trico Patterns – HiVis CDC Spinner, Thorax Duns, Quigley cluster, standard spinners all work fine right now.  They are not too educated, yet.  

Black Caddis are still hanging strong in the evenings and some late mornings.  Basic CDC patterns and small terrestrial ant type patterns are fishing the best for the Caddis right now.

kyle brown

Lerch with a nice Trico eater

Subsurface has been a bit of a different deal lately.  The nymphing has not been too consistent and we’re not quite sure what the reason is.  Posting up on a good wade run can be key right now to capitalize on non-rising fish.  Worms, Big Orange Scuds, Firebead Ray Charles (grey 16-18), Poodle Sniffers, Olive Pheasant tails are the best bugs we have found this past week.

Streamers are still moving their share of fish, although not quite like it was a week or so ago.  Smaller buggers and baitfish patterns still are king and keep them moving fast!  Lots of fish in really skinny fast water so no need for a sink tip.

kyle and frank net

Frank inspecting the net job on this brown

Still no word on what future river flows will be.  There is plenty of water coming in up top and looks like much more to come.  We’ll let you know!

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