Early and Late Days on the Bighorn

Early and Late Days on the Bighorn

July 17, 2017 5:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

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Like the title states it’s all about getting out in the early AM or late PM right now.  Water temps are up as water is still spilling over from the top of the lake and the mid day high temps are not helping.  Avoid the heat of the day and you will be rewarded!

Many of our guides are on the water as early as 5 AM to get the primo Trico spots.  Expect fish up from about 6 until 9 or so and eating hard.  Standard Trico patterns (Paraspinners, CDC spinners, Thorax Duns, Hi Vis spinners) are all great choices  right now. They’re not too snoody yet, but expect that to start changing as they are seeing some pressure.  There are Tricos throughout the entire river, most angling pressure is seen on the upper 3 right now.

Black Caddis are still around in the evenings, although the hatch is beginning to subside a bit.  Still worth going out and doing the late program.  Definitely not as much traffic either.  CDC Caddis Emergers, Dill’s Caddis, Hemmingway Caddis and similar patterns are all doing their job.  

Nymphing has been a bit tough as of late.  We’re not sure if the fish are gorging on Tricos and are full or what the deal is.  It has been just inconsistent overall.  When they do eat, it seems the best patterns are Orange scuds, Firebead Rays, Worms, Poodle Sniffers, or Dill’s Caddis pupa.  

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Expect flows to start dropping anytime soon.  Inflows from Wyoming are on the drop, so hopefully we will be as well.  We’ll let you know what we hear!

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