Early August Bighorn River Report

Early August Bighorn River Report

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The Bighorn is finally coming around and shaping up into the consistent river we have been waiting for.  The clarity is improving slightly and gets better as you go downstream.  The grass is growing quick and is shifting the fish around a bit.  It’s busy out there, but the fishing is great!

Matt and the boys

Matt and the boys enjoying the Bighorn


Happening big time right now!  The best stretch has been from the Afterbay down to about the Denver Club.  Duns on the water about 7:00AM and spinner fall about 8;30, most days…  Some days a little later but they have been on the water providing some awesome dry fly fishing until 11:30/12 or so.  Some fish are picky and some are not.  5X is a must and 6x is becoming more of a necessity in the pressured spots.  


Definitely on the outs but some fish are on them first thing in the AM as well as the evening.  The Psuedocloens have taken over their spot for the most part providing for some challenging dry fly fishing.  22’s and 24’s are not easy to see, but we have a few good patterns here in the shop to get you going. 


Some fish are on them.  We are seeing more around the banks of the river, and should continue to increase throughout the month.  Pink is the color – Morrish, Fat Franks, Bloom’s Hopper are all good options.  Dropping a little Tungsten PT or Tung Teaser off the back isn’t a bad idea either.


Getting more consistent each day, but still not as good as it usually is.  The Tricos have many of the fish stuffed post-hatch so finding the fish who want to eat later in the day can be a bit of a challenge.  Our top patterns right now include: Pete’s Carpet Bug (Tan), Ray Charles (tan 16-18) Orange Scuds (12-14), Tung Teasers (black), Cream LBF’s, Pseudo Wondernymphs.  Running a short rig (3-4′) right now is a good option as many of the fish are the fast skinny water and bank seams.  

June rainbow

Some big fish up on Tricos right now

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