Early August Report

Early August Report

August 1, 2015 6:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We are cruising through summer on the Bighorn.  Just like everywhere in the state, our hatches appear to be earlier this time of year.  The Black Caddis have still been strong on the upper 3, and we are starting to see some great Trico fishing in the mornings.  Our summer crowd is here, so the traffic can be a bit hectic, but the fish are still looking good.


Hooked up in the flats

For the dry fly crowd, first thing in the AM the fish are up on leftover caddis and a handful of Trico spinners.  Generally, this lasts until 10AM or so and as low down as Mallard’s access.  The peak Black Caddis activity begins at 2:00, and is mostly limited to the upper 3 miles right now, which is also where the majority of anglers are spending their day.  Top patterns include CDC Caddis, CDC Caddis Emerger and Bubbleback Caddis.  This is also a good time to get some hopper eats as the fish are looking up. Our best patterns this week include Pink Morrish (10), HiVis Rainys (tan 10) and Parachute Hoppers (tan 10).  Dropping a pupa pattern off the back like a Dill’s Pupa or Olive FB Pheasant Tail is a great option for hooking up with some more fish.  Don’t pass up the evening fishing as well!


Some really nice fish are showing up for the Black Caddis

Nymphing has been a bit spotty in the morning, but the afternoons have been pretty solid.  Stick to the standard Sowbug (Carpet Bug, SH Ray, Natural Sowbug) up top and follow it up with a Poodle Sniffer, Tungteaser, BH Pheasant tail or Olive FB Pheasant tail behind.  The grass has been an issue below 3 mile so extra maintenance is required, however, this has also been keeping people off the lower river and the fish are eating down there.

Expect the caddis to hang on for a while and the Tricos to get stronger as we move through August.  The grass will be an issue as we move forward, but remember, tougher fishing on the Bighorn is a lot of times better than a good day on other Montana rivers!


A hopper swimming for dear life

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