Early Fall Bighorn Update

Early Fall Bighorn Update

September 19, 2016 3:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It seems the word on fishing this past week has been ‘inconsistent.’  We had quite the snap of cold, crappy weather and since then, the river has not quite rebounded to what it had been.  Sure it’s still good, but you have to put in a little more effort now.  It’s kind of like how fishing the rest of Montana’s rivers are…

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Tricos?  Yeah, they’re still around in good numbers and fish seem to be excited about them, in spots.  The window feeding has certainly been narrowed down.  Expect your best fishing from about 9-11 ish, if the wind doesn’t ruin your morning session. And yes, the fish are finally getting picky, so making multiple casts over your targeted fish and getting their timing down is often more important than exact fly pattern you present to them.  Psuedos are showing up in better numbers providing for some pretty decent afternoon and evening spinner fishing.  

Nymphing – It’s been kind of weird out there.  Fish are still in the faster shelves and drops, although we have found quite a few in some slower water lately.  The most consistent patterns are: Soft Hackle Ray (tan -16,18), SH Sowbug (pink 16-18), SH Killerbug (16-18), Wire worm (red 4-6), 2 Tone Mini Worm (wine/brown, tan/wine), Pete’s Carpet bug, and a few fish showing up to inspect the Orange Scuds.  They’re not eating everywhere they were a week ago.  A good drift and keeping your bugs clean are of utmost importance right now!


Watch out for trico pod terrorist cows!

Fall is quickly approaching and although the fishing may be getting tougher, but it’s still good.  We’re starting to get the green pea soup color going on, which is typical, so don’t be alarmed.  We’ve still got it pretty good here on the Bighorn!

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