Early Winter Update

Early Winter Update

November 28, 2014 6:36 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


We still have plenty of anglers enjoying the last burst of good weather on the Bighorn.  The fishing has been pretty good, as it usually is this time of year, weather dependent of course.  The water has cleared significantly and there has been a large decrease in the amount of grass drifting down the river.

Our browns are entering their prime spawn time here on the Bighorn.  Please be mindful of those clean gravel areas you come across and let these fish give us more little ones for the future.

Streamer fishing has been solid for the past month or so.  Whites, Yellows and Olives all seem to be the hot colors.  From big articulated bugs down to standard buggers.  Tip: Dredge the middle of the river this time of year with a good long sink tip.  A good majority of streamer fish are balled up in the middle of the slower runs right now.

Good news for the dry fly guys – Fall Baetis have been spotted and are intermingled with the never ending Pseudos. This all has been providing great surface fishing in the early afternoons, as long as the wind doesn’t blow… As far as patterns, stick to your traditional BWO favorites such as CDC Sparkle Duns, Sipper Emergers, Bighorn Baetis and CDC Biot Duns.

And yes, Nymphing is still good.  It always is.

We will be closed for Thanksgiving and hope you all enjoy the Holiday with your families or fish or whoever you decide to spend it with.

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