Easter Fishing Report

Easter Fishing Report

April 16, 2017 3:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Redcliffs Wide Shot

Happy Easter everyone! Some are getting out on the water while others staying at home and hanging with the fam.  We like the fishing part.  Still not crazy busy here on the Bighorn but definitely picking up a bit.  Flows are almost 11,000 and there is a good chance they could increase as we have not seen the high elevation snow melt.  The fish are enjoying their new river though and the fishing has been really good.

As always, nymphing is best for numbers of fish right now.  They’re pretty set on the sowbug diet, although we have seen an increase in midge and Baetis activity.  SH Ray Charles in Tan or grey (14-18), Pete’s Carpet Bug (16-18), Pink Crush, Firebead Ray Charles (tan or grey 16-18), Standard Rays (tan, grey 14-18), Zebra midge and Rainbow Warriors have been the hot ticket this past week.  Add lots of lead and depth to your rig and you will be in business.

Double Hook Up (John & Mark) w Kerry

Quite the common site these days

Streamer fishing has picked up with the increase in water temps.  It’s not stellar yet, but still getting enough chases to keep it interesting.  Some days they commit to eating the big bugs and some days they swing out for a quick look.  The big articulated stuff has been pretty good lately and the best colors seem to be Olive, White or Black. T&A’s, Laser Legals, Peanut Envy’s have all been good.  Mix it up and try some different water.  They’re not chasing them down everywhere. 

This is generally prime time for our Spring dry fly fishing although it’s obviously been limited with the large flows.  There are some pockets here and there that will have fish up and active just about everyday.  Afternoon has been the prime time and no wind is a plus.  Standard BWO and Midge fare will fool most fish.  Look for more bugs as water temps increase and fish hopefully will pay more attention to them!

B+ RBT with cool Reflection

As always, be careful out there on the water and make sure you check out the boat ramps before you float!  They are pretty tight spots to squeeze in and safely get out right now.


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