End of April Update

End of April Update

April 30, 2017 2:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
Snow on Caravan in April

Just what we need, more snow…

Spring is in full effect on the Bighorn.  Lots of water in the river and still plenty to come down from the high country.  Flows are stable at just under 12,000.  Our Spring crowd is here, although high water is keeping the normal masses down. The fish are still happy and eating really well!

Streamer fishing has been crazy good lately.  There has been a ‘Shiner hatch’ in Bighorn Lake which has flushed down into the main river. The fish in the upper 3 have been going bonkers for these minnows providing for some of the best streamer fishing we have seen this year.  Keep your bugs in the silver/white spectrum and you will move plenty of fish.  Zonkers, JR’s Coneheads and Sparkle Minnows have been the hot ticket.  Sink tips or not, just keep your bugs moving quick.

Our buddy Thatcher with a ‘Football’ bow

The indicator bite has been steady, although they are not eating everywhere.  With the bump of flows, there has been lot of unsettled water where the fish don’t want to be.  Concentrate on slower insides, foamy seems and mid river shelves.  The worm bite is just starting and seems to be best just below 3 Mile.  Wire Worms, two tone chenilles, Micro SJW’s, they all work!  Other than that, Sowbugs and Scuds dominate on the upper sections.  

Finally the Spring Baetis have made their appearance.  Unfortunately, the fish don’t seem to care much for them.  This is mostly due to the high water level.  Luckily, there are still a handful of fish willing to eat.  Look for softer spots behind trees and structure to find pockets of feeding fish.  Once you find them, the standard BWO patterns (Dill’s BWO, Cripple Thor, Parachute Adams) work just fine.  Hopefully the fish will start to notice the abundance of bug life as we move into May.


Piles of Baetis in the slack water. A lot of them going unnoticed

Word on the street is that flows could be going up this next week, but nothing confirmed.  We’ll keep you updated!  As always, be careful and cautious of others when using the boat ramps.  There is not much room for error right now and the river is a powerful creature.

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