Bighorn Trico Madness

Bighorn Trico Madness

August 25, 2015 6:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We thought we had an early Fall upon us, but it looks like it is heating back up, at least for a few more days.  The Bighorn has cleaned up a bit, as far as floating vegetation, but still remains a bit of an issue for those not willing to clean their rigs.  Late summer is coming to an end soon and the transition into Fall will bring on a few more anglers.  Traffic as of late has been lighter than normal, which is typical of late August, making this an excellent time to escape to the Bighorn.


Steve with solid rainbow from the lower river

Tricos are the name of the game for the dry fly gang and it has been as good as we’ve seen in years!  Duns are on the water by about 7:00, if not a bit earlier, and spinners start dropping by 10:00 or so, providing excellent dry fly fishing all morning long until about 1:00.  You must be selective about your spots as the fish are not keyed into Tricos everywhere.  CDC Paraspinners, HiVis Spinners, Thorax Duns and Splitsville Spinners are all effective patterns.  We have not seen any steady activity in the upper 3, so focus your efforts below there.

Hopper fishing has been somewhat consistent for those willing to stick it out.  Although not a banner year, like our last high water years (2010, 2011), it is still a blast to do and a good alternative to watching a bobber.  Stick with Morrish Hoppers (Gold, Pink 8-12), Panty Dropper hoppers (Pink 10), Parachute Hoppers (8-10) or Rainys hopper (peach or tan).  This is a great time for the hopper/dropper rig.  Micro Mays, Tungteasers or a standard FB Beadhead Pheasant Tail are all great options to string behind your favorite foam bug.  Don’t overlook the ants and beetles either!


Chubby eating bow

Subsurface, the fish are willing to eat throughout much of the day.  Double nymph rigs with a big (14) SH Ray and a small (18-20) SH Ray in tan or grey are a sure bet all day long.  Switch out your back bug with a black Zebra or Tungteaser, especially in the AM, to mix it up a bit.  A ‘sneaky’ tip – sink a Trico spinner in the AM behind your Sowbug, just try it…

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