End of Summer Fishing Report

End of Summer Fishing Report

September 7, 2014 8:16 am Published by 1 Comment

It appears that we have settled into some cooler weather in the Bighorn Valley.  No longer are the days of 90 + degree temps, although there are always some surprises.  Recent Bureau decisions have bumped the river to 3700 CFS, mostly due to the incoming flows from the Wyoming side.  Although totally fishable and fishing well, the river still has a fair amount of stray floating grass, which poses an issue with the nymph guys.

A fine Bighorn Rainbow specimen

A fine Bighorn Rainbow specimen

The dry fly game continues to change as we approach early fall.  Tricos dominate, with a few lingering Black Caddis and Psuedocleons.  We have been blessed with extended visits of the Mahogany Dun in the afternoons.  You will recognize the spinners on the water by their flashy, transparent wings and erratic trout surface activity.  The windows are short, but be prepared anywhere from the Afterbay to Mallards with some big (12) Rusty spinners and dun imitations.  Our best dry fly patterns this past week include:  CDC Paraspinner- Trico (20,22), CDC Thorax Dun (20, 22), Micro Wulff Cripple (20), Rusty paraspinner (12-20) and Parachute Ants and beetles.

Evening Mahogany Spinner

Evening Mahogany Spinner


A stout Trico Dun

Hopper fishing is decent, not great.  Stick with it and get rewarded with some of the nicer Bighorn fish.  Standard hopper fare such as Morrish Hopper in Tan and Pink, Parachute hopper – tan, and More or less hopper all in sizes 8-10 will produce fish for you.  Don’t be afraid to twitch your bug either, it may work  better….

The entire river is nymphing well, as always.  Sowbugs are the majority of stomach contents, with some pseudo nymphs and worms showing up also.  Like a broken record, but because it works, our standard nymphs include SH Ray Charles (tan, grey 18-20), Wire worms (red 4, 6), SH sowbug (tan 18-20), Psuedo Wondernymph (20-22) and Olive Pheasant Tails (16-20) are about all you need.  Adjust weight and depth accordingly to your conditions.  Our guides are still running 7′-8′ from indicator to shot with good results.

Expect the above conditions to pretty much remain the same until we get a massive weather change, which may happen mid week here.  We will keep you posted with up to date details and don’t forget to check out our BIG SALE HERE!

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