Endless Fall on the Bighorn

Endless Fall on the Bighorn

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Unseasonable like conditions continue on the Bighorn.  We can’t complain!  Average temps in the mid 60’s and lots of sun make for very comfortable late fall fishing.  And the fishing?  It’s pretty good overall.  Somedays better than others.  The water continues to carry a green tinge to it but clears up as you move downstream.  Yes, there is still quite a bit of grass, especially 3 to B, making streamer fishing a bit more challenging.  This is not the moss we see in early summer, so the good news is that it breaks off your flies fairly easy.  Crowds are down, although a little busier on the weekends.  This is a great low pressure time to visit this great Fall fishery.

fall pair

Nothing too new and exciting as far as patterns and hatches.  Still quite a few Psuedos, a few big Fall Baetis on the upper 13.  Fish are up really good somedays and somedays, not as much.  Clouds and no wind certainly help.  Small, sparse CDC patterns are key.  Fish have been very spooky in the ‘skinny’ water.

Sowbugs, Scuds and worms remain the top subsurface producers.  A big Orange Scud (10-14), Ray Charles (tan, grey 16-18), 2 Tone Worms and Wire Worms.  Lots of weight in some spots and minimal in the fast skinny stuff. 

Streamer fishing is starting to get pretty good, finally.  A lot of chases and tail grabbing fish, which you more likely see with big bugs.  Keep your selection small and skinny (Thin Mints, Hot Head squirrel leaches, small Krystal buggers (black, olive, ginger 4-6).  Sink tips will dredge up plenty of fish out of the middle troughs for you, if you can keep it out of the grass.  


These guys are getting pretty colored up


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