Epic Midge Fishing Continues on the Bighorn

Epic Midge Fishing Continues on the Bighorn

March 18, 2012 8:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Sunday was another beautiful March day with temp’s in the 60’s.  Dave and I spent the day floating from 3 – B and had the river pretty much to ourselves.  Where was everybody? Hung over from St. Paddy’s day? Who knows……… Fish were rising to midge emergers and adults from the put in to the take out.

We stopped and fished a few runs with nymphs before we started our dry fly fishing.  A grey sowbug on top with a black, olive or cream midge larva consistently kept the rod bent all morning. We found a wide variety of midge larva in both our seine and stomach samples including yellow, olive and cream.  The sowbugs were quite large and dark grey in color.

We predominately fished to rising fish in the slow flats and along slow banks.  Some of the fish eating single adults and emergers are getting pretty tough until the midges begin cluster. 6X a good reach cast and flawless drag free drift will get it done. The ticket for me today was a Birschell’s Hatching Midge on top and a size 22 Parachute Adams trailed behind.

Stomach Sample From Today


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