First of May Bighorn River Update

First of May Bighorn River Update

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The Bighorn River continues to rock in full Spring mode.  Flows are still stable at 7500 and the river looks great.  A bit of algae showing up on the lower end of 3 to B, but definitely not much of a deal.  It’s been pretty busy, especially on the weekends, so take that into consideration.  Also, time of day right now might have an impact on your day.  Most guide boats and traffic is on the river the standard 9-5, but there is some excellent evening fishing to take advantage of as well.


The Spring Baetis are rolling on the entire river now.  Water temps have warmed up enough on the upper 3 that we finally saw good numbers of bugs today and the fish were happy to see them.  Standard BWO CDC Bighorn patterns will get it done right now – Cripple Thors, Dill’s Duns, Para Adams, BWO Smokejumpers and Sipper emergers.  Lots of Midges early and late in the day as well.  They have been clustering big time right now providing some really fun dry fly action.

Nymphing has been very solid, although the morning hours are a bit off and on, so keep that in mind.  Standard sowbug patterns are still the goods, while any kind of Baetis nymph dropper in the afternoons have been cleaning up big time.  We like Quills, Wondernymphs, Wayno’s Baetis and JuJu Baetis the best right now. Midges in the morning (Rootbeers, Zebras, Little Uglies, Copper Rib RS2’s) are a good dropper option as well.  Run your rigs deep (9′ to the shot) and adjust weight accordingly.  

There is still great streamer fishing to be had on the entire river.  On the upper 3 stick to baitfish type patterns (Sparkle Minnows, JR’s Coneheads, Zonkers) as there are some Shiners being kicked through the dam.  Down lower, the fish really seem to like the darker toned (black, olive, brown) themed bugs.  Sink tip or no sink tip, the fish are chasing well, especially on the cloudier days.  

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