First of October Bighorn Fishing Update

First of October Bighorn Fishing Update

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Well guys, things are kind of the same as last week.  The only difference is the water was starting to gain some clarity, but somehow has become more green.  The grass is still an issue and probably will be for at least another 2 weeks.  Sorry we don’t have any more positive things to say about the Bighorn right now!

The good news is there are some fish eating consistently, but in very select spots.  The key right now is keeping your flies clean and grass free.  Even though the water clarity is not perfect, these fish can still see very well and don’t like eating flies with grass on them.  A little extra effort right now goes a long way, and if you are with one of our guides, they will really appreciate it as they are working their asses off right now to ensure maximum fish catching for everyone. 

Our best bugs this past week included:  Orange Scuds, Tan Eddie Vedder (16-18), SH Ray Charles (tan), Carpet Bug (tan 16-18), Squirmy worm in purple and red, Pseudo Quill, Cream LBF. 

Fish are looking up with consistency on the cloudy afternoons for Pseudos and BWOs.  The upper 3 has been the best place to be for this game.  Small CDC dun and emerger patterns and light tippet (5 or 6X) are necessary right now.

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