First of September Bighorn Report

First of September Bighorn Report

September 6, 2018 2:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Well folks, it ain’t easy here on the Bighorn right now.  Between the increasing drifting grass, off colored water and the lack of fish cooperation, this is by far the toughest entry into the month of September we have seen.  If you are boating over 10 fish right now, you are a HERO.  Pretty negative, huh?  Well, here at the Angler, we like to say it like it is.  

Brown tail 20

Tricos in the morning (8:30/9) will have SOME fish up.  Each day has been a bit different.  There are A LOT of bugs still around but the our Bighorn Trout seem to let them pass by in several of the staple spots. When you do find them up, they haven’t been too easy.  6X tippet and size 22 and 24 spinners are necessary.  You gotta remember, these fish have been eating Tricos for almost 2 MONTHS and have seen a lot of pressure. 

Nymphing has been the staple of most anglers out there and that hasn’t been easy either.  Stick to the faster deep middle runs or shallow gravel riffles to find fish.  Carpet Bugs, SH Rays, Tungteasers, Wire Worms, Squirmy Worms, and other sunk Trico type patterns have been the most consistent this past week.  Keep your bugs clean as there is some grass to contend with.

We’ll see what the month of September has to offer, but unfortunately it’s not off to the greatest start.  The lake has been fishing excellent as a secondary option.  We’ll let you know what happens!

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