First of Summer/End of June Bighorn Report

First of Summer/End of June Bighorn Report

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Not too many changes going on as far as water conditions.  Lots of water still coming in from Wyoming and the lake is getting fairly full.  Expect high flows for at least another couple of weeks.  The good news is water temps have spurred some earlier than normal hatches providing some pretty excellent dry fly fishing.  The algae is clearing a bit and still not a lot of angler competition on the water, so a great time to be on the Horn!

Black Caddis are getting some fish up in the mornings and late evenings.  The upper 3 has been the most consistent although the lower has had its moments.  They aren’t too educated yet, so standard black caddis patterns in larger sizes 14-16 have been working just fine.  Word is there are a few Tricos around.  Yeah, it’s a bit early, but with 60 degree water temps it’s expected. Hopefully flows drop sooner than later, water temps drop and hatches are stalled a bit.

Lerch and company

Lerch and company stalking some Black Caddis fish in the Hot Dog hole

The streamer bite has been as good as it gets some days.  Cloudy ones are prime.  White, black, olive, big, small, it’s all working.  Lots of fish chasing, but we’ve noticed quite a few more commiting fish on smaller patterns (6-8).  The most important thing about improving fish interest in your bug is to move your bug like crazy.  A standard strip will catch fish, but use that rod tip to imitate a swimming or jigging motion and you’ll have a much better response from the fish.  Sink tips not needed, but sometimes help when the sun is out and the fish are hanging down a bit.  Best patterns this past week included: Mini T&A’s (black or white), Lil’ Kims, Krystal buggers (olive, white, black) and Peanut Envys (white or black).

The worm bite continues although we are seeing a few more Black Caddis pupa and Scuds show up in stomachs.  A tandem Wire Worm/Poodle sniffer, Firebead Ray or Orange scud is about all you need right now.  There are a lot of fish moving in to fast mid river shelves and seemy bank water.  Short rigs (3-4′) down the banks are a fun way to fish right now as well.

3mile sunset


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