Fishing Update/Carp Tourney/Demo Gear

Fishing Update/Carp Tourney/Demo Gear

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bighorn river dry fly fishing

LP works risers in a lower river side channel

Traffic on the river has been low the past few days, while the nymph fishing has remained very good.  The fishing in the faster water remains very good, especially when the blue winged olives are hatching.  While the bwo’s are small, size 20 and 22, and the hatch is sparse, the absence of other emergences has kept the trout keyed in on this mayfly hatch.  The fishing on top will be there for this hatch. It will be technical and precise dry fly fishing.  A baetis nymph has still been highly effective each day.

LP and I floated down to Mallard’s the other day to scout the lower river.  We fished larger foam bugs to see how interested the fish were on top.  We got only a few eats on our large dry flies, but they ate a pmd nymph dropped two feet underneath regularly.  Speculation is rampant among the area guides as to when the pmd hatch will occur. We have heard anything from one week to six weeks.  Regardless, whenever it happens it will be epic.

Annelids have been present in good numbers lately

Annelids have been present in good numbers lately

With the absence of an abundant hatch at the present, the fish seem to be keying in on crustaceans and annelids more and more each day as they typically do in low water years.  Wire worms, san juan worms, ray charles, soft hackle sowbugs, killerbugs and scuds are all important to have in your box right now.

The last few miles of the Bighorn to Mallard’s stretch is still muddy due to rotten grass creek.(See Image)  This also means that the stretch to Two Leggins is not the most viable option right now also. We will let you know when it clears.

2013 Carp Tournament

Our annual carp tournament is on Friday up on Bighorn Lake.  We are currently experiencing the best cicada hatch that has been seen in years up there. Carp, Smallmouth and trout are all eating these huge terrestrials.  Our Bighorn Angler Cookout to benefit the Bighorn River Alliance will be tomorrow night and all are welcome.  We will be selling raffle tickets for some great prizes and we will have many rods here at the shop to demo.

Orvis Demo Gear

A large shipment of Orvis gear has arrived here at the shop including a full line of Orvis H2 rods and a slew of top of line Orvis reels.  Come by the carp tournament to test cast the H2 or stop by the shop to sign one out to fish on the river for the day!

Orvis demo gear has arrived at the shop. Stop by and test some!

Orvis demo gear has arrived at the shop. Stop by and test some!

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