Twinkle Midge

Twinkle Midge

December 9, 2010 9:42 am Published by

Delektable Twinkle Midge

We have now entered that time of year when midge larvae and pupa become crucial to the success of Bighorn angler’s.  The Twinkle Midge is a spin off of the zebra midge.  The glass bead affixed to the top of the hook with fine wire adds flash to the fly pattern as well as natural movement while drifting.  When a midge larvae or pupa breaks free from the bottom and enters the water column, the natural has “squirm” to it as it drifts.  The bead in effect makes the Twinkle Midge twist and turn like the natural.

This pattern is effective in black, olive, red and cream from size 16 – 20.

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