Ray Charles

Ray Charles

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Bighorn River Ray CharlesRay Charles – Grey

Is there a more appropriate fly for the first edition of our fly of the month club. The Ray Charles is by far the most heavily fished Bighorn River Fly Pattern, and for good reason. The Ray Charles and soft hackle ray charles perfectly represent the abundant sowbugs found in the Bighorn River. The “Ray” is typically fished as a point fly with something else dropped off the back, this method is effective year round. The Ray comes in a variety of colors including: grey, pink, tan, dead tan and dead grey in both the standard and soft hackle version.

Fly Pattern Recipe:

Thread: Fire Orange (the thread is key to the effectiveness of the pattern)
Body: Ostrich Herl (I prefer the thin stuff versus the big puffy herl)
Back: Mylar Flash
Collar: Dun Grey Hen Hackle (Short and Sparse, soft hackle version only)



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